The Senator Moynihan handbook. Required reading for anybody curious to know why this man, Daniel Patrick Moynihan , has been carrying on a personal vendetta against the American working engineer. Replete in his Ivy league/Harvard scented foppish arrogance, the great 'social scientist' from the empire state of New York , has managed to cripple the American industrial machine by his single minded crusade against the stability and income of the only people capable of making our economy function, the American working engineer. The moynee ( Moynihan ergo spelled moynee thereafter) has dropped the following doo doo's from his arrogant sweaty senatorial office in recent years
1.0 Section 1706 of the ill advised 1986 so called tax reform act( besides 1706, the real estate tax provisions have contributed greatly to the collapse of the entire savings & loan industry) This immoral, unjust, And blatantly discriminatory provision makes it extremely difficult for the independent working engineer or computer programmer to operate as an independent contractor. Moynee submitted this travesty at the hour of midnight during the closing session of the 1986 meeting of congress as a personal favor to a cousin of his who worked for that nefarious trade organization the N.T.S.A( A COLLECTION OF OLD LINE CONTRACT AGENCIES WHO WANTED TO WIPE OUT THE COMPETITION OF LOW OVERHEAD JOB SHOPS) The IRS has been getting their jollies by hounding the most productive people in our society. by overzealous enforcement of it. True to its counterproductive nature it's sadly helped our recession by diminishing tax revenues to the coffers of the feds. Either repeal this discriminatory provision of the TRA of 1987, or have it apply to everybody, including doctors, lawyers, accountants, hookers, etc. See what a howl would be put up from that one.
2.0 Pending senate bill again by moynee, S.S.-44 which would even out do Senator Kenndy's recently passed emigration provision of mass alien engineer importation. Here there would be absolutely no limit to the greedy importation of cheap labor designed to bust wages and replace the citizen engineer. As hundreds of thousands of foreign engineers are imported yearly from abroad to flood the market , ask your congressman why it is nearly impossible to get badly needed foreign doctors both green card and accreditation into the states. To maintain a high standard of care says the AMA, bull ! ,its to maintain a high investment portfolio for doctors. Remember the good old U.S.A has the worst infant death rate in the western world. Millions of indigent people succumb to diseases that are readily preventable if they ever saw a doctor or dentist regularly.

3.0 Public law 101-583 another twelfth hour non public hearing special interest bill , tagged unto a 'tuna fishing 'provision, that allows the elimination of time and a half overtime compensation from non exempt hourly employee's , such as contract programmers. Though moynee didn't directly sponsor this obscenity( It was sponsored by Congressmen Austin Murphy of Pennsylvania, as a favor to ADAPSO(ANOTHER SPECIAL INTEREST TRADE GROUP, ASSOCIATION OF DATA PROCESSING ORGANIZATION). The terrible conditions encouraged by moynees 1706 , was like giving predatory sharks a taste of blood as they could now sense a weakness in their prey. Public law 101-583 is now being applied to other labor catagories, such as engineers. I can completly attest to that as it happened to me recently by an unscruplous job shop and crooked client.
4.0 The Surface Transportation Act just passed by the Senate under the the leadership of the moynee, will add another 123 billion dollars to the national deficit. This ridiculous piece of legislation proportively gives the states and cities the privilege of spending our hard earned federal transportation tax dollars on alternate transportation, such as commuter rail, subways and bicycle paths. How nice, let the cities and states use their own tax dollars. The local governments are even more corrupt and wasteful than the feds. The moynee would thus effectively trash our nation highway system. When ever the moynee puts his slimy hands on a piece of legislation we have a national disaster. Does the moynee have a conscious or subconscious desire to ruin the American economy.?
5.0 Social security reform moynee style. We all had a close call this year(1994) when congress overuled the moynee on cutting social security taxes. On the surface this proposed piece of legislation looked very attractive..However it was really a Trojan horse for his real agenda, making sure middle class wage earners who have paid into the trust fund for 40 + years or more would never collect a penny when they retired. ! What the moynee wanted was a income means test. You can be rest assured that what this dithering, pot bellied slob really wanted was that anyone with either a penny in savings or any income at all(income being defined in the individuals previous working years )would be forever disqualified from receiving payments. The moynee simply wanted the money that he would rob from the trust fund, to be applied to his hairbrained social engineering schemes.

By far the most consistent whining(not a very winning strategy) about the deteriorating sorry state of affairs pertaining to the sputtering American industrial machine, come from the incredible array of so called learned economists, who are looked upon as experts by our ignorant press corps. These ivy towered academics are continually being quoted by the astute members of the 4th estate as to the standard reasons for the demise of our economy.The standard excuses are ;
1)Japanese trade policies
2)High interest rates
3)Budget deficits
4)? other excuses
Now the above are merely symptoms not the cause!
Why do these people ALWAYS miss their mark ?

Are they really stupid ? How could this be as they are graduates of the nations most prestigious colleges ?

Did you ever have somebody look through you and talk to somebody behind you, like you didn't exist? How does it feel to be a non person ? These learned economic "experts" talk about everything else. Do they think manufactured goods just fall from the sky like manna from heaven ? Hearing panels of economic "experts" try to explain the demise of our economy is like listening to a bunch of tropical birds mimicking human voices, all form no substance, quacking away at a high volume.

The reason they are off so much is that they can't say the E word.What is the E word ? It stands for ENGINEER.They simply can not get themselves to admit that an industrial based economy is 100 %, not 90 %,not 50 % but I repeat myself again , 100 % dependent upon the American working Engineer !!!!!

Now since the zenith of 1969(moon landing,top economy in world)), the American Working Engineer has been treated like manure at an increasing rate! Low wages, massive importation of foreign engineers at ridiculously low wages(to wage bust),and finally the piece de resistance, Senator Moynihan's Tax peccadillo 1706, have made the practice of engineering as lucrative as Uranian mining. We seem to have forgotten that manufactured goods don't grow on trees. They are designed by Engineers, the manufacturing technology is done by Engineers and the distribution means and software is implemented by Engineers. In the economic pecking order this fact is completely ignored. There is no special interest group(a new group called the AEA offers a glimmer of hope) or union that can effectively take care of the welfare of technical workers and professionals. Engineers are the only engine of our industries a fact blatantly ignored by the establishment.

The old adage,.."you get what you pay for" the real story behind our economic downfall. The quality of our products have been deteriorating steadily simply because our best brains go into other fields of endeavor, namely ,medicine, law and business. We have seen a steady erosion of American brainpower leave the engineering business for greener pastures. This has had a direct impact on our manufactured products on the average. We simply design and manufacture inferior products because we have inferior people designing them today than twenty years ago. Top pay attracts top people period.! Exploited people also care less about innovation. Most engineers in this country don't get a penny for their patents unlike japanese and european practices.

Moynihan the hut is waddling over to the trough that's in the center of the snow palace.He grins the flaps of his skin glimmer like cod fish scales.The Blazing lights cause a hot yellow flash to outline his profile.The grease dripping from his nose sluices under the door to the Senate chamber.There he suddenly flings open the door to the roaring cheer of the gallery."Give dem engineers hell ! push their overstuffed craniums into the mud !"Let them know nutting har har." The hut turns around , his mouth dripping with saliva opens. He shouts "I the Harvard sage and knowing social scientist of the century have given my superior wisdom for all mankind to savor.We must starve old people and engineers for the benefit of the government .Power to the halls of ivy" ! Having dropped these pearls of wisdom he quickly thrusts his head up skyward and sucks in his breath waddling off to the bar as though there was was a free lunch or feast to devour.

FOOTNOTE. The above notes were written in 1994 in the midst of the recession of 1992-1996. In the meantime engineering demand employment has undergone a temporary renaissance. If you don't think history will ever repeat itself, you have your head in the sand.