ONGOING Irritating situations.

Tax payer funded but private profit. Some examples; The 91 toll expressway, the 73 toll road. What politicians in Sacramento were greased ? They are trying to do it again with the I15 carpool lanes & the new state 125 & 905 roads south of San Diego. Prediction. All car pool lanes in the state will be toll in the near future. All pretense of saving the environment is down the tubes. It's just unashamed highway robbery. Remember the sales taxes on gas allocated to highway improvements and sustaining repairs are about double what's necessary. Too bad these funds are being raided for other self aggrandizing bureaucratic largesse. Apparently these thieves will get away with it until a state citizens proposition is passed. God bless Preposition 13. It's saved tax paying homeowners $billions that otherwise would have gone to the pockets of politicians, their greedy crook friends and state employee's.
NEWT ON GOING Clueless at the House of Representatives
Needless to say this man has no ethical idea whatsoever. He just complained that he is being subject to a double standard. That's true. He should have been treated the way his predecessor Jim Wright was and fired for lining his pockets by taking advantage of his office.
AT THE BORDER(Or I didn't know San Diego & Riverside County were in Mexico)
When are citizens going to be outraged enough to stop the long auto delays at San Clemente? These border patrol people should be at the real border. Period! When Bill Clinton was running for President these troops were patrolling the Mexican border with a vastly improved rate of stopping the illegal invaders.. Soon as the election was over they went back to their game of illegal search and seizure and long lines of cars at San Clemente. They even had the nerve to expand their facilities the day the election was over. The poor things complained that they would be inconvenienced if they had to do their jobs at the real border. Here is another example that the term "civil servant" is an oxymoron. Remember the Government exists to plunder the wealth of their citizens. Viva Zipata! Maybe we need commander X to raid the border to shake things up. Apparently nothing will happen until then. On top of this, to add insult on top of Cinton Hypocrisy, not one additional penny to care for illegal immigrants' emergency health care is forthcoming in Bozo's 1997 budget even though the 1996 so-called immigration reform bill mandated it.