POLITICAL PRISONERS WASHINGTON STYLE(recent news condensed from the associated press)
It appears that there is a double standard present in our Justice system. Simply put, you can avoid life imprisonment for spying for our former cold war adversary, the Russians(Soviet Union) if you plea bargain with the U.S. attorney and the government at their desecration declares the stolen information not top secret. However if you spy for an American ally(Israel), and if there is a deep rooted hatred by Government officials for Jews you get life. Unfortunately these Jew haters can get away with it as they know that other Jews in the Government get to be in the employ of Washington by acquiescence and feelings of insecurity if they act too Jewish. Eleven years ago Judge Audrey Robinson, at the urging of our then Secretary of Defense, Casper Wineberger whispered some poison cloaked in the pretense of security into Judge Robinson's ears that broke the U.S Attorneys plea bargain with Johnathan Pollard. Let me make it clear, Pollard deserved a stiff sentence as befits anyone who breaks our country's espionage laws deserve. Usually the sentence is mitigated if the accused is spying for a non adversary. This was the case of an Egyptian engineer who was sentenced for stealing rocket/missile secrets for the Egyptian government. The engineer was sentenced to 8 years, which means he's already out on parole. Wineberger noted for his intense dislike of Israel (self loathing? as he had a Jewish Grandfather), for the illegal drugs for arms deal in Nicaragua, and for his gross negligence in the Marine deployment in Lebanon that resulted in the slaughter of over 400 marines in the Beirut fiasco, knew he had a ready ally with Robinson a Afro-American judge. The story about Israel's secret military cooperation with South Africa had broke just before the sentencing date so the Judge's mood & race is relevant to the facts. For those of you that missed this travesty, Casper had perjured himself before Congress on the Iran-Contra deal and was about to be indicted in 1992(Bush pardoned him). It would seem in retrospect that a judicial intervention by a known perjurer & liar should be enough evidence to have the judge retroactively recuse him self from the case. Therefore re sentencing by another judge is in order.

Lets zoom to the present. On 1 March, 1997, former FBI Earl Pitts avoids life imprisonment for spying for Russia. The assistant US attorney said Pitts had given the Ruskies only' secret' information or that's what FBI investigators said(why was the FBI allowed to investigate one of their own buddies and not an independent group?) This claimed the mealy mouthed US Attorney is valid as this calls for more lenient punishment under federal sentencing guidelines. Please note this supposed sentencing correlation between selling secret versus top secret information. Because a few days later(march 3rd) the government completely contradicted itself when a former CIA headmaster, Harold J. Nicholson, called a "patriot" by his defense attorney, pleaded guilty to selling "TOP SECRET", files to Russia in front of Judge James Cacheris. This plea bargain was arranged by US Attorney Helen Fahey who apparently though working in the same office as the Earl Pitts US attorney doesn't read the same office guidelines. She recommended 23 years and a fine. THIS FLAGRANT CONTRADICTION OF IT'S SUPPOSED SENTENCING GUIDELINES SHOWS THE HYPOCRISY OF THE US GOVERNMENT ON THIS ISSUE.

The only sentencing guideline is whether the defendant is Jewish period!!!!!!!!
For the sake of even handed justice FREE Jonathan Pollard now. Tell your President "pres@whitehouse.gov" to do it.